We Are Foundation Capital and Retirement Transition Consultants

We provide refined Foundation Capital and Retirement Transition Solutions primarily for a select group of individuals who among other things are looking to elevate the performance of their retirement assets as they transition into the next phase of their life. We provide our clients the opportunity to retire when they want to, vs. when they have to by removing the market volatility and risk in their retirement assets.

In March 2009, the S&P 500 was off 50% from its July 2007 high.

3 Questions That Can Determine Your Financial Future

Here’s The Math About The Current Bull Market:

If you started out with $100,000 in July 2007, your account was worth $50,000 in March 2009 (S&P 500 down 50%) The S&P 500 had an unprecedented 250% gain from March 2009 to October 2018, which gives you an account value of $175,000. That’s 5.07% per year annualized growth since 2007. And your account value is not protected from loss!

1. Did your advisor get you out of the market and lock-in your gains in 2007?

*Since March 2009, the S&P 500 has grown 250%

2. Has your advisor called you to lock-in the gains ... 

After the longest Bull Market in history?

Will your advisor guarantee your current account values from loss?

They won't! 

What do we offer you? - PEACE OF MIND

We can guarantee principal protection from any future loss.

We can provide a custom lifestyle financial plan, not a financial transaction.

Our plans provide can upfront 4-12% bonus on money if needed.

No commissions or upfront fees - 100% of your money goes to work!

  • They didn’t lose a dime or a night’s sleep in 2009

  • Average Annualized Returns of 6% since 2009, with no risk

  • Their $100,000 in July 2007 is now worth $190,000

  • All gains are NOW locked-in from any negative market performance

  • Peace of Mind in a world of financial uncertainty

Here’s What Clients Like Ours Have Enjoyed Over The Last 11 Years:

Final question: Does your advisor have a plan to keep your money safe or is he “mitigating” your risk through a “diversified asset” plan?

Look beyond uncertainty as you prepare for retirement

The historic volatility combined with the limited availability of traditional retirement income sources, such as defined benefit pension plans, has placed a greater responsibility on Americans savings for their future. With this greater responsibility comes a need for financial solutions that can help provide a new level of protection for retirement savings.

Whether your long-term objective is to build a source of guaranteed lifetime income, save for a specific retirement goal, or leave a legacy for your loved ones, we can help by offering annuities with benefits designed to meet your retirement needs.

Focus with on what you want your financial future to look like. We understand there's not one strategy or vehicle that's the solution to meet everyone’s financial goals. We work with each client on your unique financial profile and direction to position you in the best way possible to achieve your goals. Your peace of mind is our success.

These days, too much advice centers around stock market returns. While everyone wants to have good returns, they are far from the whole story.  More important than returns is volatility control. Can you afford another 2008 market crash?  You have options you probably don't even know exist. Protection and leverage.

Does your financial plan have these key ingredients? Are you carrying all the risk of getting sick, running out of money or dying sooner than expected? Let's discuss shifting your risk and protecting what you have and at the same time preparing for future healthcare costs, taxes and retirement expenses. The first step is making contact.

How a fixed indexed annuity works

A fixed index annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company that may help you reach your long-term financial goals. In exchange for your premium payment, the insurance company provides you income, either starting immediately or at some time in the future.

Two unique phases

Most fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) have two phases: an accumulation phase and distribution phase.

Minimum guaranteed interest

A FIA also guarantees you will receive at least the minimum guaranteed interest credited to the contract.

Defer paying taxes

With a FIA, you defer paying taxes on your contract's interest until you receive money from the contract.

Phase one: Accumulation

The accumulation phase begins as soon as you purchase your annuity. Your annuity can earn a fixed rate of interest that is guaranteed by the insurance company or an interest rate based on the growth of an external index.

Phase two: Distribution

The distribution phase of a fixed index annuity begins when you choose to receive income payments. You can always take income in the form of scheduled annuitization payments over a period of time, including your lifetime. And many fixed index annuities allow you to take income withdrawals as an alternative to annuitization payments.


Either way, you can choose from several different payout options based on your personal needs, including options for guaranteed lifetime income.

A unique combination of benefits that can help you achieve your long-term goals

A fixed index annuity (FIA) offers a unique combination of benefits that can help you achieve your long-term goals. No other product offers the tax deferral, indexed interest potential, and optional benefits to protect your retirement assets and income.

Tax Deferral

Under current federal income tax law, any interest earned in your fixed index annuity contract is tax-deferred. You don't have to pay ordinary income taxes on any taxable portion until you begin receiving money from your contract. Withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income and, if taken prior to age 59 1/2, a 10% federal additional tax may apply.

Indexed interest potential

Fixed index annuities provide an opportunity for potential interest growth based on changes in one or more indexes. Because of this potential indexed interest, FIAs provide a unique opportunity for accumulation. And since the interest your contract earns is tax-deferred, it may accumulate assets faster. In addition to potential indexed interest, FIAs can offer you an option to receive fixed interest.


Fixed index annuities offer you a level of protection you may find reassuring. That protection can benefit you in three separate ways:

  • Accumulation: Your principal and credited interest are protected against market downturns.


  • Guaranteed income: You can be protected from the possibility of outliving your assets.

  • Death benefit: If you pass away before annuity payments begin, a fixed index annuity may help you provide for your loved ones.

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