Thank you for visiting with us. Our goal is have an opportunity to get to know you, listen to what your goals and dreams are and more importantly help you to accomplish them. We'll review your current situation and recommend solutions to your retirement planning needs and business needs like reducing taxes, reducing risk and expenses. My partners include a very knowledgeable and experienced industry leading team ready to assist us here at Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC and our clients. 

~ Gerard Ladalardo, CCFS

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Why Trust Us

Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC has over 20 years of experience helping our clients achieve their financial goals and protecting their assets. Our specialty is providing Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and College Planning & Funding solutions to clients in Las Vegas, Nevada  and surrounding areas. Most clients need our help to send their kids to college without killing their own retirement - we can help!


We know the greatest threat to your financial success can be life’s major expenses that cause you to hit the reset button. Our firm employs unique strategies to minimizing and in some cases eliminating those major events to protect your financial assets.  We believe in forging lasting relationships with our family of clients as part of your team, not just an outsourced company.

We're On Your


We believe in forging meaningful, lasting relationships with our family of clients. We understand that this is a journey and, are here for you every step of the way. We are here as part of your team, not just an outsourced company.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Experts

Over the years we have helped hundreds of families achieve their financial goals. Our team has the experience & expertise to achieve the outcome you need, protect your family, business and your assets.

We Don't Work

For an Insurance Company

We embrace our fiduciary responsibility to our clients - As independent advisors, our clients employ us. All financial advisors are not created equal. Some focus on you and your goals, others focus on themselves and their commission check. 

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